Choosing Beds

Choosing the Bed for you

Selecting the bed that is right for you is not easy. It's a big decision that you want to get right. At Simply the Best, we recommend that you take your time when selecting your new bed.

Selecting a bed is all about choosing the level of comfort and support that is right for you.

The support in a mattress is provided by the spring system or core of the mattress. Different people require different levels of support depending on their size, weight or build. By choosing the Spring System/Support Level that best suits your individual needs, your mattress will cater better to your individual requirements.

Spinetech 6

Spinetech 6 is an International standard Bonnell spring system that has been enhanced to provide excellent Comfort and Support, at great value. The SPINETECH6 Support system offers centre third zoned back support , with a full perimeter edge support to maximise the sleeping surface of the mattress.

Pocketrest Pocket Spring

5 Zone POCKET REST technology for correct posture alignment. Individual movement control offers maximum comfort to the body and minimises partner disturbance.

Grand Posture Pocket Spring

  • Twin spring count, Twice the Support
  • 3 by 3 zoned (Totalling 6 support zones)
  • Perfect Posture Alignment
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance

Perfect Rest Pocket Spring

  • The world's most advanced pocket spring
  • Deep Micro Pocket spring design with Piano Wire Technology
  • Minimum Partner Disturbance and motion transfer
  • 5 Zone Contouring full body support


Dual Touch

  • For when only the Best will do
  • Ultimate support with the Grand Posture Support System
  • Ultra Contouring Micro Pocket (available in two feels) for initial comfort
  • Maximum ventilation

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